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This month’s blog post falls on March 26, which happens to be the unofficial “Make Up Your Own Holiday” Day.


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Did you know that March 26, 2022, is the unofficial national Make Up Your Own Holiday Day? Hmm. What holiday would you create? Will it have something to do with food and books? How about a location holiday?

As both a reader and author, I would say that I could make today my own personal Read a Christian Romance Novel on the Beach Day. Why not? It could be any sort of day, right? Oh, you don’t have to be on the beach to read. I just thought the name of the holiday matches the poster above LOL.

On my Read a Christian Romance Novel on the Beach Day, let me ask you these:

Do you like short or long novels?

As an author, I write both. I can write 49,000 words, and I can also write 149,000 words. As a reader, I prefer to read longer books. We have heard of Jane Austen’s quote on books being too short, right? I wonder if a book can be too long too, but then again, what is “long” to one reader might be “just right” to someone else. If the stories are satisfying, my readers can tell you that they don’t worry about book lengths. What about you? Do you care about book lengths? Which is you preference: short or long or both?

Do you like light humor or serious family drama?

I like both, depending on my reading mood at that moment. My romantic women’s fiction have happy endings, just as all my other romance novels (and also my romantic suspense, but that’s outside the scope of this blog). Let me add the caveat that whether the novel is light or heavy, I prefer a happy ending either way. What about you?

How fast can you read an 80,000-word novel?

Have you timed yourself? Usually, it takes me 4-6 hours to read a novel that long (or longer). When I became a published author, it dawned on me that the novel that took me 4-6 months (or sometimes 4-6 years to write) can be devoured in merely 4-6 hours. Some of my readers are so voracious that they finished reading my books before I barely promoted them. I’m happy that my readers like my books, so I try to write more books for them to enjoy.

Would you re-read a novel you like?

Or are they all a one-pass for you? Truth be told, I rarely read a novel twice, unless it’s my own books (because of editing and proofreading, and later on, because I wanted to reread my own books). However, I have read Jane Austen’s historical romance books several times, and watched the movie adaptations more than once. I have read some Christian historical romance novels more than once because I forgot that I’ve read it. Has that happened to you? Have you reread a book because you forgot that you’ve read it before? Do you find yourself going, “This scene sounds familiar?” On the other hand, how many times have you read your favorite books, knowing that an exciting scene is coming up just around the corner and you can’t wait to read it again?

What’s your favorite place to read?

I hinted this in my personal holiday today, but I want to add that reading on the beach is not always fun. Firstly, depending on the season, it could be hot. Secondly, the glare of the sun on the paper sometimes makes it hard for me to read. I’ve heard that Kindle Paperwhite reads well in the sunlight. Not so my iPhone. There is a glare, unless I’m under a shade of some sort. Also, when I’m on the beach, I prefer to look out at sea and not keep my nose in a book. I can read the book anywhere, right, but I can’t always be on the beach at any time. So my favorite place to read is in a cozy chair by the window somewhere. Preferably indoors with air conditioning! What about you?

Do you like to read in the day time or night?

When I was in the corporate world and when I was a homeschool mom, I was too busy to read in the day time. In my second career as a novelist, I spend my day time writing books. On occasion, I get a vacation and don’t write. During those times, I can read all day long. If the novel is intriguing, I may even stay up late at night to finish the book. One more chapter to read. Just one more chapter… And then the night is over. Have you been there?

There you have it, some questions related to my Read a Christian Romance Novel on the Beach Day. 

How about you? What holiday would you make up for yourself today? There is no right/wrong or better/worse holidays since this is all subjective and it’s YOUR holiday. On that note, here’s wishing you a happy holiday!

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