Wait for Me on a Family Cruise in Alaska

This is the third novel in my Vacation Sweethearts series. Logan Urquhart has a problem when his son, Jonas, makes him promise to take the family on a summer cruise in Alaska for his fifth birthday. By “family,” the little boy means Daddy and Mommy. Well, Logan and Marie have been divorced for three years, and she is still in Europe, doing who knows what. She has secrets that Logan is not privy to, secrets that destroyed their marriage. What now? Ask Marie to go along on the cruise to appease their son? Will she agree to spending seven days with him and Jonas?


Wait for Me

Wait for Me

Their marriage didn’t last.
The last thing he wants is to relive it.

A divorced single dad with full custody of his son made a promise he now has to keep: invite his ex-wife to enjoy their son’s birthday gift: a seven-day cruise in Alaska. Can two people who have given up on each other put aside their emotions to make their five-year-old son happy for a week? What could possibly go wrong in this Christian romance with a sidearm of suspense?

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A contemporary Christian vacation romance with a sidearm of suspense, Wait for Me is the the third novel in USA Today Bestselling author Jan Thompson’s Vacation Sweethearts series celebrating the immeasurable grace and undeserved mercy of God. These novels are a spin-off of her Savannah Sweethearts beach romance series.  

Love has left him…

Successful businessman Logan Urquhart regrets promising Jonas that he will give him anything he wants for his fifth birthday. The fortune he has inherited enables him to buy whatever his son desires. But all Jonas wants for his birthday is to be with his mother. “Dad, you promised.” Logan has no choice. Then again, it can’t be too bad. It will only be for seven days. After that, he’ll go home to Atlanta, Georgia, USA, and she’ll go home to Paris, France. End of story. Or is it?  

Love has returned…

Undercover INTERPOL agent Marie Bouchard would love to see her son again, but not her ex-husband. Their lack of trust for each other destroyed their marriage three years ago. When he asked for a divorce, she gave him everything, including their son. Well, the reunion will only be for one week. The problems that have followed her around for the last three years are all in the past, aren’t they?  

But love is trouble…

All seem peaceful, until Marie notices extra security onboard the ship. When her ex-husband becomes slightly paranoid about their son’s safety, Marie begins to wonder if it is a mistake for her to be onboard the cruise ship in the first place.   Wait for Me is Book 3 in USA Today bestselling author Jan Thompson’s Vacation Sweethearts collection of contemporary Christian travel romance novels celebrating the immeasurable grace and undeserved mercy of God. These Vacation Sweethearts novels are a spin-off of Jan’s inspirational Savannah Sweethearts series. Some of the novels in Vacation Sweethearts are also a prelude to the Protector Sweethearts Christian romantic suspense series.   Note to Readers: In Wait for Me, we meet widow Esperanza Diaz-Mendenhall again. We first meet her in Reach for Me (Vacation Sweethearts Book 2). She is also in the supporting cast of Once a Spy (Protector Sweethearts Book 3), where she finds an investor for her security firm. Eventually, she tells her own story in the upcoming Watchfire collection of romantic suspense novels. If you’d like to be notified when the two Watchfire series go live, sign up for Jan’s newsletter.  
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