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For fans of contemporary Christian romance that is clean and wholesome, here are two FREE ebooks for you!

Ask You Later (Savannah Sweethearts Book 1) is the story of a struggling artist meeting a non-artist who holds his career in her hands. Will she ever understand his art? (Note: This novel was once a prequel in the series, but I’ve promoted it to Book 1.)

Ask You Later:

Time for Me (A Vacation Sweethearts Prequel) is set years after Ask You Later, when two friends meet again. Once upon a time, Sheryl liked Winton, but didn’t purse him because he was with someone else. Eight years later, they’re both single now, and Winton begins to show a liking for Sheryl. Will she reciprocate? Is the interest in her heart still there?

Time for Me:

Free eBook by Jan Thompson

Time for Me

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Time for Me
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