Throwback Thursdays at Save the Date

Our Save the Date box set anthology is still on preorder. This month, I posted three #throwbackthursdays in our reader group. Today is the last one of this mini-series.

Music from the past:


Let’s do something fun for the next few Thursdays, shall we?

When you think of music from the past, what’s your go-to era? For me, it’s the 1980s, when most of the pop lyrics were clean, and record companies self-censored bad words.

The 1980s also remind me of Keith Green and “There is a Redeemer.”

“Jesus my redeemer
Name above all names
Precious Lamb of God, Messiah
Oh, for sinners slain.
Thank you oh my Father
For giving us your Son
And leaving your Spirit
‘Til the work on earth is done.” – Keith & Melody Green

What’s your throwback music? Which era? What are the songs you remember the most from that era?

Fashion from the past:


Today’s theme is FASHION, a fun topic idea from Liwen Ho. So when you think of retro fashion, what comes to mind? I know there’s a “flying” classic car in the meme, but back in the days, cars can (loosely) be a part of the person’s style and fashion, yes?

What do you remember from years past and from your childhood? I grew up in the seventies, but I wore whatever my parents bought for me. Fortunately, they like cute things. OTOH, my hubby ended up with plaid upon plaid of mismatching colors. What about you?

Does anyone remember the beaded clutch purses? Are they making a comeback?

Here is my comment:

I grew up in the 70s and 80s. My mom was very good with the sewing machine. She doesn’t sew anymore. But she was super trendy and so we just wore what she made or adjusted from hand-me-downs. At one point she had a dressmaking shop, so we got a lot of clothes from there! Back then she could not afford a serger, but there were shops in town who could do that for a fee for her so she can finish them with her sewing machine. I wish I had kept some of the clothes she sewed, but we grew up and she gave them all away, and I didn’t think about saving them. Today I would have loved to have them e.g. I want her wedding dress from the 60s. She made it herself. But those and other things she sewed are long gone.

Memories from the past:


Let’s do something fun as we wait for the release of our SAVE THE DATE box set.

What are your favorie childhood memories? Do you recall playing with a Viewmaster? What about a wind-up toy bird? They were so cute. Wish I had kept them until today.

Liwen Ho asked about “your favorite childhood book.” Do you have one? Well, mine included Robin Hood, Famous Five, Secret Seven, and lots of nursery rhymes. What about you?

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