Stillwater Security

Nestled near the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains in North Georgia, the small community of Still Waters merges with Clearwater Farms to become Stillwater, a high-priced hideaway for people who don’t want to be found or need to be off-the-grid for their own safety. Stillwater is so well guarded that even Mendenhall Retreat from Reach for Me (Vacation Sweethearts Book 2) sends its overflow guests to Stillwater. Due to recent events chronicled in Zero Sum (Binary Hackers Book 1) and Zero Trust (Binary Hackers Book 4), Stillwater has become more vigilant, ever dependent on its Stillwater Security team to protect its residents and guests. With only four main security specialists, Stillwater Security has its work cut out for it as enemies far and near come encroaching on the once peaceful community.

Book 1: Red Alert
Book 2: Green Light
Book 3: Blue Flame
Book 4: Black Box

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