Save $8 on the box or $13.98 on individual books!

For a limited time only, buy all three ebooks in one box set for $0.99. After December 13, the box will return to its retail price of $8.99. Purchased separately, each individual novel ebook retails for $4.99. So, $0.99 for three ebooks means you save a whopping $13.98. If you already have all three ebooks, how about purchasing the box set to gift to your reading friends and family? Christmas is coming, so this could be a nice present for them and an affordable deal for you. This box set is also in Kindle Unlimited.

Smile for Me: Two teachers in love in the Bahamas.

Reach for Me: Mountaintop romance with a side of suspense.

Wait for Me: Cruising in a ship with danger in the wings.

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