Reach for Me in the Great Smoky Mountains

It turns out that National Adoption Day falls on the “Saturday before Thanksgiving” every year. That happens to be today, November 19, 2022.

Some of my novels feature adopted protagonists, including Reach for Me (Vacation Sweethearts Book 2), the story of Phoebe Pace and Keenan O’Tierney meeting on top of the Great Smoky Mountains in the lovely autumn season. I don’t like to give out spoilers in my books, but here is a letter from Phoebe’s adopted mother. I won’t say more but it was bittersweet writing these chapters.

Have you read this novel? There is a side of suspense in this story, and it has to do with Keenan’s job… Check it out via Kindle Unlimited:

Reach for Me

Reach for Me

He leaves his homeland to protect his family.
She flees her hometown to abandon hers.

At a remote mountaintop retreat, optimistic triple amputee British Special Forces veteran Keenan O'Tierney unexpectedly meets pessimistic American girl Phoebe Pace in the valleys of their lives. When Keenan's enemies close in, Phoebe is caught in the crossfire...

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A vacation romance with suspense, Reach for Me is Book 2 in USA Today bestselling author Jan Thompson’s Vacation Sweethearts collection of contemporary Christian romance novels celebrating the immeasurable grace and undeserved mercy of God. These Vacation Sweethearts novels are a spin-off of Jan’s Savannah Sweethearts Christian beach romance series.  

In his valley of determination…

His friends call him O’Tierney the Optimist. Even after having lost two legs and an arm in a bomb blast and having undergone numerous reconstructive surgeries, disabled United Kingdom Special Forces veteran Keenan O’Tierney is still excited about facing unknown new challenges in life. Highly decorated for his heroism in fighting terrorism on behalf of his grateful nation, Keenan has given enough to his country. Yet, his enemies are going after him and his former team members as an act of personal vengeance. To protect his family, Keenan leads a trail away from Britain. Off the grid, he is incognito at a remote resort in the mountains of Tennessee. While waiting for his storm to pass, he meets an American girl who is hiding for a different reason in the same misty mountains…  

In her valley of discouragement…

Bearing the burden of a mistake-riddled life, prodigal adopted daughter Phoebe Pace has nowhere else to go. She finds solace in the Great Smoky Mountains, living in quiet regret, not forgiving herself, and being unable to ask God to forgive her. She thinks her days are merely for survival, with her job at the funeral home not improving her grim outlook on life. Now the most intriguing guy Phoebe has ever met is sharing her swing on her log cabin porch overlooking unparalleled spectacular vistas. She has no intention of seeking any friendship outside her small and safe circle of friends. She would rather be left alone to wallow in her own personal loss and remorse. What is she going to do with her new neighbor encroaching in her private personal space? Why is he so friendly toward her? So delightful to be with? So charming? So inquisitive…?  

Danger finds them on the mountaintop…

Keenan is the first person in a long time to make Phoebe consider the possibility of a new chapter in her love life. However, just when she begins to think about opening up her heart to him, the ex-soldier’s unfinished business pulls her into a crisis she has never experienced before, and danger comes knocking…on the wrong door.   Look for Christian romance with suspense, prosthetics, international settings, Great Smoky Mountains, log cabins, retreat center, fall (autumn) season, small towns, prodigal daughter, secret child, Tennessee, Savannah, Ireland, terrorism, home invasion, mercenaries.   Reach for Me is Book 2 in USA Today bestselling author Jan Thompson’s Vacation Sweethearts collection of contemporary Christian travel romance novels celebrating the immeasurable grace and undeserved mercy of God. These Vacation Sweethearts novels are a spin-off of Jan’s inspirational Savannah Sweethearts series. Some of the novels in Vacation Sweethearts are also a prelude to the Protector Sweethearts Christian romantic suspense series.   Note to Readers: In Reach for Me, we meet Esperanza Diaz-Mendenhall for the first time. We will see here again in Wait for Me (Vacation Sweethearts Book 3) as well as in Once a Spy (Protector Sweethearts Book 3). She has a story to tell in her own novel coming soon in a future series. If you like to be notified when these two future romantic suspense series go live, sign up for Jan’s newsletter.
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