Pray for Me in Atlanta

When his ex-fiancée marries someone else, accountant-turned-landscaper Gus takes a vacation away from his Nassau home, visits his cousin in the USA, and falls in love with a pastor’s daughter. Is it just romance on the rebound? Or is there something serious going on in this friends-to-more travel romance?

  • Augustus “Gus” Moss was the cousin of Byron Moss in Smile for Me (Vacation Sweethearts Book 1).
  • The Fitzpatricks took Gus with them when they went to the camping site on Tybee Island owned by the Jacobs family. The Jacobs were featured in Kiss You Now (Savannah Sweethearts Book 8).
  • Two supporting cast members, Maggie Jacobs and Levi Theroux, are in Let Me Hold You (Midtown Christmas Book 1) which debuted in the Once Upon a Starry Night anthology.
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