National Hispanic Heritage Month

Celebrate National Hispanic Heritage Month (September 15-30, 2022) by reading a book featuring a Hispanic-American main character. Diego Flores is young and single and the pastor of the thriving Riverside Chapel in Savannah, Georgia. Balancing preaching and ministry is one thing, but does he also have time for romance? His best friend’s sister, Heidi Wu, has been interested in him since their college days together at the University of Georgia, just before Diego got the call from God to go to seminary. Fast forward some years, they all meet again in the beautiful and romantic coastal city of Savannah, where now PhD student Heidi and her PI brother, Ming Wei, live in a beach house on the nearby Tybee Island. Will romance finally happen between Diego and Heidi, or are they still too busy for each other?

Know You More

Know You More

He loves her…
He loves her not…
She’s waiting for him to decide.

A young pastor of a growing church in a thriving community, Diego Flores has to come to grips with God’s will for his church and his personal life.

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From USA Today bestselling author Jan Thompson come these clean and wholesome, sweet and inspirational contemporary Christian romances set on the beaches of Tybee Island and in the city of Savannah, Georgia, two of the most romantic coastal towns in the world. Welcome to Savannah, Georgia, in the multicultural new south! Meet a group of multiracial and multiethnic churchgoing Christians who love the Lord, work hard in their careers, and seek God’s will for their love lives. Against a backdrop of ocean, sand, and sun, these inspirational romances showcase aspects of the human need for God and for one another. These sweet and wholesome Christian beach romances begin with Know You More, the story of Diego Flores and Heidi Wei living in the city of Savannah and on the sunny beaches of Tybee Island.  

Diego’s Disquiet…

Diego Flores has been interested in his best friend’s younger sister since their college days, but his calling to grow Riverside Chapel takes up most of his time. When Heidi Wei becomes his strongest supporter in his church-planting ministry, how does Diego show his feelings for her without giving her the wrong idea? Does she see him as potential husband material or just the pastor of their church?  

Heidi’s Hurdles…

Heidi suspects that Diego is sweet on her, but he seems to believe that his divine calling prevents him from acting on it. If it isn’t meant to be, she’s not going to push for it. Yet every time they are together, something happens between them. Have they moved beyond the platonic relationship they have enjoyed all these years to something more personal? When a crisis hits Heidi’s family, Diego has to balance pastoring his congregation and ministering to Heidi without losing either one. Being in love while growing a new church is difficult for him to juggle. Which path is more important? Which one should he focus on?   If you enjoy KNOW YOU MORE, you might also enjoy the rest of the Savannah Sweethearts series. Have some tea, settle in a comfortable reading chair, and enjoy these sweet celebrations of faith, hope, and love in Jesus Christ.

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