Must Love Weddings

Ready for Tuesday?
For readers of clean and wholesome Christian romance.

Personal Note: This is a bittersweet moment for us and so many of our beloved readers! For those readers (I’d be such a reader) who are wondering, both Marion Morrison Ueckermann and Shoshanna Evers completed their novellas on their own, prior to their untimely deaths. Both of their books were with our professional editor Dori De Vries Harrell, and subsequently with our publisher long before their funerals. So for readers who want to know details, yes, they wrote and finished their own books. Sadly, this box set will now be released posthumously for them. However bittersweet it is, I remember how excited they were as we all anticipated the release of our anthology. We had so much fun planning this project since last September (yes, all good things take time). And now we must celebrate without them. But parts of our preorder proceeds will be split between their families. I don’t want to end on a sad note, so let me just say that it’s been an amazing privilege to be in the same project as these wonderful Christian authors! 

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