Look for Me on the Beaches of Key Largo

Martin MacFarland has been searching for his lost love for four years. Eventually, he finds her hiding in Key Largo. She has changed because she’s a Christian now, as Martin also is. She has a cute little daughter, who might not be his, and she’s carrying someone else’s child. What on earth happened to the sweet Corinne he knew who used to work in the office at his sister’s pottery studio in Savannah, Georgia? Hardened by life, she refuses his help, but does she really have a choice now that her children’s lives are in danger?


Yes, Corinne has been hiding in Key Largo, but now she’s no longer safe. She needs a champion, but why does it have to be the man she ghosted four years ago?

Look for Me

Look for Me

She needs a champion...
Just not him...
Yet he won't leave...

Four years after his girlfriend ghosted him, Martin MacFarland finds her in Key Largo, abused, pregnant with her second child, and in danger. Martin wants to be there for her, but she can't give him a second chance.

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Remember the MacFarlands in Smile for Me (Vacation Sweethearts Book 1)? Look for Me is the story of Tina’s brother, Martin. We visit the southern coast of Florida, where Martin MacFarland goes to find his long-lost ex-girlfriend. This Christian beach town romance novel with a side of suspense has clean language while dealing with the difficulties of past sins, single motherhood, second chances, redemption, and the mercy of God.

She needs a champion…

A single mother living on minimum wage, former office manager Corinne Anderson has made many mistakes since she broke up with Martin MacFarland four years ago. Each mistake compounds on the other problems in her life. Down and out, Corinne and her three-year-old daughter ends up in the small beach town of Key Largo, hiding from the criminals looking for them. When their witness protection cover is blown, Corinne needs all the help she can get. As long as it’s not from Martin.

Anyone but him…

After his father gives him half the ownership of the MacMuscles Classic Car Restoration business in Savannah, Georgia, Martin MacFarland is convinced that he is ready to settle down and start a family. Unfortunately for him, the only woman he ever loved has vanished without a trace. After his private investigator tracks her down, Martin drives to Key Largo, praying that Corinne will forgive him for what he’d done before he became a Christian, and hoping she might consider starting over with him. Well, she can’t. And she won’t tell him why either.

Yet he won’t leave…

As Martin gets closer to finding out what Corinne is up to or hiding from, will he fall into the same fire than has burned Corinne so many times? Will his love survive the flames?   Look for Me is Book 4 in USA Today bestselling author Jan Thompson’s Vacation Sweethearts collection of contemporary Christian travel romance novels celebrating the immeasurable grace and undeserved mercy of God. These Vacation Sweethearts novels are a spin-off of Jan’s inspirational Savannah Sweethearts series. Some of the novels in Vacation Sweethearts are also a prelude to the Protector Sweethearts Christian romantic suspense series.
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