Learning Mandarin

I come from a mixed family. I am not as beholden to cultural aspects as much as I am to their Christian POV. Maybe it’s bc my grandparents migrated from their original homelands, so they were already in an adopted country into which my parents were born, and then I moved, and my son was born in yet another adopted country. When I go back to Asia, many people are trendier than I am. LOL.

I am attempting to learn the Mandarin Chinese language, which I never learned properly (failed to learn in Kindergarten) but to see all my ancestors’ cultures, I will also need to learn Japanese, and the language is too hard for me. So I have to view things from a translated POV, YKWIM? Mandarin is a good start for me to discover my roots. I love history, so it pains me not to be able to read history in their original languages.

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