Have you read TIME FOR ME?

When art gallery archivist Sheryl Breckenridge tries to get world-famous sculptor Winton Pace to display his artwork at Simon’s Gallery, she doesn’t expect him to fall in love with her. Will she reciprocate in this friends-to-more romance?

Have you read Time for Me (A Vacation Sweethearts Prequel)? Now you can read it for free.


If you would prefer to buy the ebook, here are the retailers:

Amazon: http://JanThompson.com/time-amazon
Apple Books: http://JanThompson.com/time-applebooks
Google Play: http://JanThompson.com/time-googleplay
Barnes & Noble: http://JanThompson.com/time-nook
Kobo/Walmart: http://JanThompson.com/time-kobo

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