Have you read Seaside Chapel Books 1-3?

Read the first three long novels in my Seaside Chapel series before Book 4 is published.


Stay tuned for Books 4-6.

His Longing Heart (Seaside Chapel Book 1)

When billionaire heiress and violin collector Brinley goes home for the holidays, she has no idea what’s in store for her heart. But when she heard musician Ivan play the violin…


His Wake-Up Cal (Seaside Chapel Book 2)

Businessman and jilted fiancé Sebastian thinks his rent-a-girlfriend will help him make his ex-fiancée come running back to him…


His Morning Kiss (Seaside Chapel Book 3)

Widowed billionaire Diehl has two kids and no prospect for a happily-ever-after. Overworked and burned out, he retreats to his sister’s beach house, where his life changes…


Coming soon: His Quiet Serenade (Seaside Chapel Book 4)

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