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October 2023 is the third anniversary of the Dangerous Deceptions boxed set that made #81 on the USA Today bestselling chart. Never a Traitor debuted in this box set. To celebrate, I’m setting this novel to free for a limited time only.


Never a Traitor

Never a Traitor

A paranoid whistleblower on her last task.
A private investigator posing as her fake boyfriend.
An international conglomerate that eliminates its enemies.

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Calling for help…

Administrative Assistant Sienna Halstead has one last task to do for the FBI Criminal Investigative Division before she can quit her corporate job and disappear. Scared that the evidence against the international conglomerate she works for is not sufficient, paranoid Sienna starts to make mistakes. When she calls Hu Knows, Inc., for help, Helen Hu sends her no-nonsense top investigator into her chaotic world.

Cashing in on overtime pay…

The last thing Private Investigator Earl Young expects to do on his week off is to pose as a fake boyfriend to a whistleblower at a business convention, although the former Special Ops soldier is confident he can handle any task his employer assigns to him. Besides, he gets to stay at a five-star resort in the Bahamas and eat for free.

Crossing the line…

Earl’s driving need to solve problems forces him to work alongside Sienna as she draws him deeper into her corporate world of secrets and subterfuge. The more time they spend time together, the more Earl feels attracted to Sienna, and forgets that he is only her bodyguard. When Sienna’s life is endangered, how far will Earl go to protect her?   Never a Traitor is book 1 in USA Today bestselling author Jan Thompson’s Defender Sweethearts Christian romantic suspense collection, a sister series to Protector Sweethearts. While the heroes in Protector Sweethearts search for lost treasures and lost people, the Defender Sweethearts novels focus on protecting the helpless and hopeless. The main characters in Defender Sweethearts come from the supporting cast in Protector Sweethearts.   Publisher’s Note: Never a Traitor debuted in the unpublished Dangerous Deceptions anthology that made the USA Today bestselling list in October 2020.   You can also download this novel for free via BookFunnel until March 10, 2024: JanThompson.com/traitor-free
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