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Book 4 in my Seaside Chapel series takes us the marshes of St. Simon’s Island, where a river divides the island from the city of Brunswick on mainland Georgia.

His Quiet Serenade

His Quiet Serenade

Series: Seaside Chapel, Book 4
Genres: Christian Beach Romance, Romance
Tags: beach romance, Coming Soon from Jan Thompson, St. Simon's Island
Publisher: Georgia Press LLC
Publication Year: 2022
ASIN: B091PC34R5

A loud trumpet player.
A quiet novelist.
Unexpected neighbors.

He is a novelist looking for a quiet place to write his next blockbuster book. She is the trumpet teacher next door who just started a new brass ensemble in her home studio. They say opposites attract, but will Avery’s loud business venture shatter Devon’s writing career in this beach romance?

His Quiet Serenade is the fourth novel in USA Today bestselling author Jan Thompson’s Seaside Chapel Christian small town beach romance series. Devon and Avery’s story takes us to the interior of St. Simon’s Island, where these two neighbors live among spreading live oak trees near the marshes.  

A trumpet player and teacher…

When she is not playing in the Sea Islands Symphony Orchestra (SISO) or the Seaside Chapel Sanctuary Orchestra, Avery Chung teaches trumpet to local students in her Joyful Noise Brass Studio. She is overjoyed when she raises enough funds to form a brass ensemble that comprises trumpets, trombones, horns, and tubas. Her excitement is shattered when her closest neighbor shows up at her house to complain about the “noise” and proceeds to tell her what to do.  

A tense writer and neighbor…

International bestselling author Devon Hu arrives on St. Simon’s Island, where no one cares about the worldwide success of his ancient world fantasy saga. In the pursuit of continually satisfying his voracious and hungry readers, Devon has given up dating and his personal life, with the exception of caring for his paraplegic sister. He hopes to earn enough income to support her for the rest of her life. The last thing he needs is for his loud neighbor to make a racket every day but Sunday, robbing him of his concentration and distracting him from meeting his book deadlines.  

A truce between them…

When Avery’s students continue to make their joyful noises, Devon offers to rent her a music room at the Yun McMillan Music Studio on the other side of the island. Avery accepts the gift on the condition that Devon will sit in on their ensemble practice sessions once a week and attend local SISO performances for a year. Devon agrees, only to find out that his season ticket affords him frequent and up-close contact with the otherwise charming Avery. Devon’s heart begins to tune in to Avery’s beats, and he knows he’s in trouble when he spends way more time sitting in on orchestra rehearsals than writing his books. Will he be able to get away fast enough before his career is ruined?  

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