Exploring GETTR

So I heard in the technology news that GETTR is an alternative to Twitter. Is it the new Twitter, though? I have no idea. In any case, I wondered if the username JanThompson was taken, as it has been on all the big platforms, even back in the early days when I signed up for Twitter, etc. Wonder of wonders, JanThompson was available! Amazing. Surely it means I need to sign up before someone else takes my username. I did back in January, but just started posting last night, and now I have one follower LOL.


I’m exploring GETTR, so IDK if it’s better than Twitter. All I know is that one year ago, when I was on hiatus from social media and I deactivated my account (thinking I could reactivate any time), Twitter recycled my username ThompsonAuthor and gave it to another writer and thereby caused all my old mentions to be credited to that writer. I had to start over with a new username, JanLimThompson, but I’m too busy to rebuild my account and don’t have the urgency to spend time there any more. In any case, I’m still in Twitter if some of my readers want to follow my new account.


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