Coming Soon

Four books are coming soon, readers! There is a possibility I might finish out each series at a time instead of writing these books round robin fashion. Here are how many books left in each of my currently active series:

  • Seaside Chapel: 3 more very-long novels
  • Coastal Sweethearts: 2 more novels
  • Vacation Sweethearts: 2 more novels
  • Protector Sweethearts: 3 more novels
  • Defender Sweethearts: 5 more novels
  • Binary Hackers: 1 more novella
  • Binary Bots: 2 more novels

One way for me to handle this is to write the series that are ending soon. That is, finish them out first.

  1. Binary Hackers
  2. Binary Bots
  3. Coastal Sweethearts
  4. Vacation Sweethearts
  5. Protector Sweethearts
  6. Seaside Chapel
  7. Defender Sweethearts

I will pray about this and we shall see. Stay tuned!

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