Christians in Love: Teachers (Day 2)

Today, continuing my weeklong takeover of the CRRG reader group, I’m chatting about teachers in love. Byron and Tina from my Smile for Me novel come to mind.



As a retired homeschool mom, I totally understand the hard work of being a teacher. I only had one student in all the fourteen years I homeschooled, but I can imagine how much more work is involved if I had ten or twenty students in my class.

Are you a school teacher, homeschool teacher, or a teacher of some kind? Do share your experience in the comment section. 

My dad was a schoolteacher for over thirty two years before he retired. When I was a kindergartener, he obtained special permission to let me audit first grade. I had a lot of fun wearing the school uniform and going to school with Dad, and then sitting in class with my “classmates” who kept going up in grades while I remained in first grade for two years until I was old enough to be officially enrolled.

What about in the fiction universe? Do you like to read novels about teachers falling in love?

When I wrote Smile for Me (Vacation Sweethearts Book 1), set in the Bahamas, I had my own concept of what a principal and his assistant do. My island romance novel focuses on the assistant principal, Byron Moss, who has to face a woman who dislikes him. Does she still dislike him two years later? 

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