Christians in Love: Single Moms (Day 5)

Let’s go to Key Largo today and meet a runaway single mom in hiding from her enemies. Along comes the boyfriend she ghosted four years ago, trying to rescue her.



Are you a parent? How do you like being mom/dad?

IMHO to begin with, parenting is hard. It’s the hardest job I’ve ever had, so much harder than my past profession as a computer science graduate. It’s way harder than solving mathematical problems or writing software programs. And I only have one son (he’s an adult now). 

How many kids do you have? Tell me in the comment by midnight PST, and the mom/dad with the most number of children in the comments will win a $10 gift card on from me. 

In the fiction world, many novels have been written about single parents. I can imagine that being a single parent is hard. 

Are you a single parent? What do you think about life in general? Do you have help with the kids when you work? What things do you have to do that you think you might not need to do if you were in a two-parent household? 

Do you like to read novels about single parents? Why or why not? 

Do you prefer their situation to be as close to reality as before, or would you rather the novelist write it in more rose-colored way? Of course, many of us would like a happy ending, regardless of how realistic the books are, right? 

Recently, I wrote a beach romance novel about a single father (His Morning Kiss (Seaside Chapel Book 3)). He’s a burned-out billionaire CEO, his wife dies in a tragic accident, and he finds out that he may or may not be the biological father of his two kids… No, I don’t write light romance, as you can see.

But before I wrote that novel, I wrote this other novel about a single mother, featured in Look for Me (Vacation Sweethearts Book 4), a beach town romance with a side of suspense. Since I am not a single mother, I had to picture myself in that position so that I could better portray her life, but then I put this pregnant mom with a 3YO daughter in the witness protection program. And I let her cover be blown. And then I made the bad guys come after her to take her life. Into her crisis, I brought in her ex-boyfriend who wants to know why she ghosted him four years ago.

That is the novel I am giving away today. Comment for a chance to be entered into a random drawing to win the ebook copy of Look for Me (Vacation Sweethearts Book 4). Check out the preview at 

What other single parent novels you’ve read that resonate with you? Why are they memorable to you?

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