Christians in Love: Gardener (Day 6)

In my latest novel in the Vacation Sweethearts series, I feature a landscaper/gardener who falls in love with a pastor’s daughter. I talk about gardening in my CRRG reader group takeover today.



Do you like gardening? How long have you been gardening? What do you plant? 

I once helped my son to maintain his container garden of carnivorous plants. We had tons of them. Living in Georgia at that time, we kept the flower pots on the deck during the summer months, but we had to bring them indoors for the winter. It was easier for them to find bugs outdoors, of course. After several years, my son lost interest in them and through neglect and whatnot, his garden died.

I remember trying to plant tomatoes in a flower pot. Not having a green thumb, I figured I’d better buy a plant that had a better chance of survival. I went to the garden store and found a tomato plant that was about to flower and I knew that was my plant. I took it home, watered it faithfully, and lo and behold, tomatoes popped up! It was a great delight. Unfortunately, that summer my mom was very ill, and I had to fly there and spend a few weeks caring for her. I left the tomato plant in the able hands of my also-non-green-thumb hubby and son, and when I got home… The poor tomato plant was dead.

Do you have a green thumb? Some people are talented like that. They can plant anything on anything and they’d grow. My mother is such a person. She could plant anything. She doesn’t plant anymore since the stroke, but back in the old days, I remember the glorious vegetable garden she had in our yard. She even planted corn. She loved her garden very much.

Speaking of gardening, today’s giveaway novel is Pray for Me (Vacation Sweethearts Book 5), the story of a gentleman gardener and landscaper who left the Bahamas on a monthlong vacation in the landlocked city of Atlanta and fell in love with a pastor’s daughter. Comment for a chance to win this friends-to-more novel. I will randomly pick a winner after midnight PST (since I’m in the EST timezone, that means tomorrow since I need my beauty sleep). Preview this novel on Amazon:

Have you read some wonderful novels featuring gardens or gardeners? What drew you to those books? 

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