Christian in Love: Artists (Day 1)

In today’s CRRG reader group takeover post, I feature artists in love. I talked about learning to draw and paint and do pottery. I also gave away a free ebook.



Do you like art? Are you an artist? Do you spend time in galleries, appreciating art?

My mother taught me to draw and paint, and our grade school required art as a subject. Consequently, I grew to love painting and doing pottery.

I remember enjoying my visit to the High Museum of Art in Atlanta when The Louvre brought masterpieces on tour in the USA. Did you go to such an exhibit? Rembrandt was most memorable to me.

Because of the above background, I often write about artists in my books. One such story is Time for Me (A Vacation Sweethearts Prequel) that debuted in the Save the Date anthology that made USA Today last fall. If you bought that box set in October, this story is in it. I’m also giving it away free on BookFunnel, so if you want to read about a bronze sculptor and a gallery archivist and their friends-to-more romance, you can grab it for FREE here:

If you like to sketch, paint, draw, sculpt, what is your favorite subject? Mine is still life.

Beyond art, do you sew and quilt? I used to quilt and sew a lot, but nowadays, I spend most of my time writing. I still have my sewing machine and serger. If you like to sew and quilt, do comment. What is your favorite project?

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