Brothers & Sisters Day (May 2, 2022)

Did you know that today is the unofficial Brothers and Sisters Day? I don’t celebrate the day per se, but all year round, I am continuously thankful to God for my three brothers. How about you? Do you have brothers and sisters?

If you are a single child, do you have cousins you’re close to? Sometimes my cousins feel like they could’ve been my brothers and sisters too, especially since I don’t have sisters.

What about brothers and sisters in Christ? Sometimes, friends at church can be closer than family, especially if the family is far away.

In the fiction world, do you like to read about brothers and sisters?

I love writing about brothers and sisters, and I love writing about the beach. As I was writing this blog, these pairs of siblings from my coast and beach romance collections came to my mind.

Have you read a novel lately that features brothers and sisters? What about in real life? Do you have brothers and sisters whom you are close to? What about siblings who live far away from you? Do you get together with them yearly?

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