A Nutshell Guide to Plotting a Novel

The other day, someone asked me how to write a book. I only had about thirty seconds to tell her. Fortunately, forty seven years of writing and twenty nine books later, I know a little something about writing a book. Soli Deo Gloria!

To begin with, you need a plot. The simplest method to plotting a novel is the Three-Act Structure. This is classic for plays. James Scott Bell fleshed this out in his book, Plot & Structure.

Then there’s the Plot Mountain. My son studied this way back when in grade school homeschool. There is a cute little video about this method on YouTube.

Those are the basics. However, it can get more complex. You can create a hero’s journey, develop characters, or use outline guides such as Save the Cat or the Snowflake Method. I like Save the Cat because it was written by a screenwriter, and I love movies and dramas.

After a while, I believe that you’ll develop your own method of plotting your story. Perhaps it’s a combination of all the writing methods you’ve learned over the years. Perhaps you’ll come up with your own ideas!

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Joyfully in Jesus,
Jan Thompson

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