A brand new website…

I am super excited about my new website that I’m busy working on right now. God is good and Romans 8:28 is true. Since they stopped supporting my old website theme, my website had crashed so many times that it was interrupting my writing time because I have to stop everything and deal with it. To make it worse, I am sick with a bad cold while having a book deadline. This is not the best time for my website to be down.

Thanks to friends telling me about a more reliable host, I was able to find a cost-effective way of updating my theme with all the bells and whistles (it will take me a few years to learn them all). So here is how Romans 8:28 came into play: because my old website was no longer viable, this challenge became an opportunity to find a better website theme. At the end of the day, what started our as the final website crash would turn into an upgrade and improvement.

By the time you read this post, I would’ve been done migrating to the new host and recreating all my website pages from scratch. However, I am blogging as I go, so this post will be timestamped today, when I wrote this.

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