Christian Suspense

War Hackers

From USA Today bestselling author Jan Thompson comes War Hackers, an inspirational near-future technothriller series combining cyberthriller and romance. If you’re looking for clean suspense without compromising faith, these books might be for you.

Set in the same story world as its sister series, Binary Hackers, the stories in War Hackers feature contract hacker Leland Yang-Joule and her team of specialists living at the edge of cyberspace, where they have to juggle being law-abiding truth-telling Christians while carrying out their assignments by any and all means possible to save the world from the brink of dystopian destruction.

You might recall that Leland first appears in Once a Thief (Protector Sweethearts), helping Private Investigator Helen Hu locate her missing mother. Leland also appears in Zero Sum (Binary Hackers Book 1) with her cousin Cayson Yang and his cybernetics fallout. Now I’m giving Leland an entire series of her own.

Book 0: Zero Hour (Prequel)
Book 1: Trusted System
Book 2: Maginot Line
Book 3: Third Rail
Book 4: Shadow Play
Book 5: Fifth Column
Book 6: Paper Tigers
Book 7: Runtime Error
Book 8: System Failure
Book 9: Magnus Effect
Book 10: Tredecillion
Book 11: Mission Critical
Book 12: Twelfth Man

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