Christian Romantic Suspense

Protector Sweethearts

Private investigator Helen Hu and her associates specialize in searching for missing persons and hunting for lost treasures in Protector Sweethearts, a collection of Christian Romantic Suspense stories with a side of mystery. Protector Sweethearts is a spin-off of Savannah Sweethearts and Vacation Sweethearts.

Books 1-3 invite us into the world of adventure seekers as they hunt for treasures lost to time.

Book 1: Once a Thief (Stolen World War II Treasures)
Book 2: Once a Hero (Lost Amber Room)
Book 3: Once a Spy (Blackbeard’s Lost Treasures) – Prelude to Binary Hackers

Books 4-6 follow our heroic friends as they search for lost people and help them to find their way back onto the right path.

Book 4: Twice a Fighter (Missing Toddler)
Book 5: Twice a Convict (Reformed Criminal)
Book 6: Twice a Soldier (Hunted Soldier)

Once a Thief

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Once a Thief

Once a Hero

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Once a Hero

Once a Spy

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Once a Spy
Twice a Fighter
Twice a Convict
Twice a Soldier
Defender Sweethearts

Defender Sweethearts is a sister series to the Protector Sweethearts Christian romantic suspense collection. While the heroes in Protector Sweethearts search for lost treasures and lost people, the Defender Sweethearts novels focus on protecting the helpless and hopeless. The main characters in Defender Sweethearts come from the supporting cast in Protector Sweethearts.

Book 1: Never a Traitor
Book 2: Never a Hostage
Book 3: Never a Fugitive
Book 4: Always a Maverick
Book 5: Always a Champion
Book 6: Always a Guardian

Binary Hackers

Like more suspense with your Christian romance? What about futuristic technothrillers with a dash of cyberpunk science fiction? Check out these inspirational Christian romantic technothriller collections, starting with Binary Hackers, the prelude to a new series to come, featuring hackers and security specialists living at the edge of cyberspace, where they have to juggle being law-abiding truth-telling Christians while carrying out their assignments by any and all means possible to save the world from the brink of destruction. If you’re looking for clean suspense without compromising the Christian faith, these books are for you.

Book 1: Zero Sum
Book 2: Zero Day
Book 3: Zero Base
Book 4: Zero Trust
Book 5: Zero Defect
Book 6: Zero Option

After this series, the next book is Zero Hour, the prequel to Leland Yang-Joule’s own series.

Zero Sum

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Zero Sum

Zero Day

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Zero Day
Zero Base

Zero Trust

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Zero Trust
Watchfire Security

In Once a Spy (Protector Sweethearts Book 3), Mendenhall Security (owned by Esperanza Diaz-Mendenhall) and Solomon Security (owned by billionaire Benjamin Glynn) merge into Watchfire Security. In Zero Day (Binary Hackers Book 2), Dmitri Proskouriakoff sells his Sentinels security company to Watchfire. This series begins after all three companies have merged.

Book 1: Her Billionaire Warrior
Book 2: Her Reluctant Watchman
Book 3: Her Rogue Witness
Book 4: Her Tactical Rebel
Book 5: Her Vigilante Recluse
Book 6: Her Hunted Renegade

Also look for the sister series, Watchfire Widows.

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