Once a Spy

Once a Spy
Series: Protector Sweethearts, Book 3
Genre: Christian Romantic Suspense
Tags: CIA, enemies to friends to more, Recent Releases by Jan Thompson
Publisher: Georgia Press LLC
ISBN: 9781944188788

An adventurous billionaire on a mission...
A former CIA agent finding her bearings...

Treasures lost to time...

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Hired to protect her employer’s older brother, former CIA agent Raynelle Dryden gets too personal with him in a treasure hunt, and both inadvertently introduce the other to their old enemies in this Christian romantic suspense.

A dangerous quest…

Billionaire treasure hunter Benjamin Glynn is on a quest to find pirate Blackbeard’s lost treasures. So are his competitors, who stop at nothing to win the race. Benjamin finds himself unable to proceed as obstacle after obstacle comes his way.

A displeased protector…

Afraid that Benjamin is too reckless, his sister hires former CIA agent Raynelle Dryden to tag along on his escapades. Raynelle needs the money to fund a secret project she hasn’t told anyone about, but being involved in Benjamin’s adventure exposes him to her own shadow enemies.

A dark enemy or two or more…

As they get closer to unearthing the truth about where Blackbeard hid his treasures that no one has yet discovered, Raynelle and Benjamin find themselves walking into the crosshairs of their old enemies. Each has their own agenda and goal, even if it means destroying Benjamin and Raynelle, and everyone around them, in the process. Who will blink first?


Once a Spy is book 3 in USA Today bestselling author Jan Thompson’s Protector Sweethearts Christian romantic suspense series in which the heroes and heroines go on adventures to uncover lost treasures and find lost people.

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