Smile for Me

Smile for Me

She is laid-back.
He is uptight.
Never the twain shall…kiss?

A deadline-driven workaholic assistant school principal who meticulously plans his schedule months in advance meets an easygoing art teacher and studio potter with no sense of time, living her life as the seasons come and go. When they cross paths again at the Summer by the Sea Day Camp sponsored by his church in Nassau, Bahamas, how can they get along if they cannot see eye to eye?

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Publisher’s Note: Smile for Me debuted in the Whispers of Love anthology released on June 28, 2016, that made the USA Today bestselling list.

From USA Today bestselling author Jan Thompson comes Smile for Me, book 1 in the Vacation Sweethearts collection of wholesome, sweet and inspirational Christian romance novels set in some of Jan’s favorite vacation places around the world. Vacation Sweethearts is a spin-off of Jan’s Savannah Sweethearts Christian beach romance series, and we might travel back to Savannah and Tybee Island to meet friends, old and new.

To start off the Vacation Sweethearts series, we travel to the Bahamas in the Caribbean, where the waters are clear, skies are blue, hammocks sway under coconut trees, and hearts are in love…


Tina MacFarland is laid-back…

When invited back to the Bahamas for a second time two years after a disastrous mission trip there, potter and art teacher Tina MacFarland isn’t sure she wants to face the obnoxious assistant principal of the Chapel by the Sea Christian School again. The last time she encountered Byron Moss, he found fault in everything she did. It seems that nothing she ever does is good enough for Mr. Uptight, as attractive as he may be to her.

Regardless of her personal concerns, they need art teachers at the Summer by the Sea Day Camp, and Tina answers the call to go. Surely God will help her last for four short weeks. What can possibly happen in a month? Nothing she can think of.


Byron Moss is uptight…

Assistant Headmaster Byron Moss is at a crossroad in his career. On the one hand, he has worked very hard to get to this position at the Chapel by the Sea Christian School. One more step up from this assistant principal position, and he’d be in charge of the entire school.

On the other hand, when Tina returns to Nassau, Byron suddenly feels hemmed in by his career choice. He is restricted from showing his transforming feelings for Tina. He fears he has taken a wrong turn in his career, and that if he keeps going on that route, he may lose his chances with Tina. More importantly, what is God’s will for his life? Somehow, he knows that Tina is part of all that. But she’s so…chaotic! And it drives him nuts. For the first time in his life, Byron is confused about what he needs to do.


Never the twain shall…kiss?

Ah, Byron and Tina. How would they navigate the super-conservative work environment where office romance is frowned upon? Can they change the old rules? Or will the old rules change them?


Elements you’ll find in this novel: biracial family, multiracial romance, summer romance, island romance, millionaire families, Christian school setting, dating rules, teaching staff, church life, brothers, family dynamics, wealthy siblings, mother-son relationship, father-daughter relationship, international romance.


If you enjoy Smile for Me, you might enjoy the rest of the Vacation Sweethearts travel romances novels.


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