Pray for Me

Pray for Me

When his ex-his fiancée marries someone else, CEO-turned-landscaper Augustus Moss III takes a vacation away from the Bahamas, visits his cousin in Atlanta, Georgia, and falls in love with a pastor’s daughter. Is it just romance on the rebound?

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Pray for Me is the fifth novel in USA Today bestselling author Jan Thompson’s Vacation Sweethearts series of standalone Christian travel romances. We first met Gus in Smile for Me (Vacation Sweethearts Book 1). At that time, he had left the corporate world and was a landscape gardener in the Bahamas. Pray for Me is his story.

Unwanted time off…

After losing Veronique to another man, Augustus Moss III needs a distraction and a change of scenery. He takes a leave of absence from his landscaping job in Nassau and flies to Atlanta, Georgia, to visit his cousin, Byron Moss. When Byron’s whole family catches a cold, Gus ends up staying at Pastor Fitzpatrick’s house and finds himself drafted into serving in some of Midtown Chapel’s summer ministries. He agrees to help because he is a friend of the pastor’s eldest daughter, who seems to believe strongly in charity work.

Unexpected moments…

Women’s Ministry Director Tallulah “Tally” Fitzpatrick is not only ministering to single mothers in the Atlanta area, but she is also busy building a village of tiny homes for needy families. Pulled in many directions, she is grateful to have Gus nearby, a steady friend who is around at just the right place and time. Although she has made up her mind to only marry an ordained pastor, she can’t help being drawn to Gus, the landscaper with an MBA.

Unavoidable crossroads…

Are Gus and Tally just flirting with each other for the summer, or will the romance last into the winters of their lives? When the man of her dreams arrives in town, Tally has to choose between the two. Who will she let go? For sure, both Tally and Gus need a lot of prayer.

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