His Morning Kiss

His Morning Kiss
Series: Seaside Chapel, Book 3
Genre: Christian Beach Romance
Tags: Atlanta, beach romance, Recent Releases by Jan Thompson, St. Simon's Island
ISBN: 9781944188726

A father of two, widowed billionaire Diehl Brooks returns home to St. Simon’s Island and falls in love with his sister’s personal chef. Will complications from his unfulfilled first marriage threaten his chance for love a second time around?

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Publisher’s Note: His Morning Kiss is the updated second edition of Sing with Me, previously published in 2020.

His Morning Kiss is the third novel in USA Today bestselling author Jan Thompson’s Seaside Chapel Christian small-town beach romance series. This book was previously published as Sing with Me.

A selfless personal chef…

Chef Skye Langston cooks for local residents and visitors to the Golden Isles. When her friend and client, Brinley Brooks, asks her to cook for her older brother, who will be in town for the summer, Skye is wary. Although they move in different social circles, she has heard a lot about Diehl Brooks, once the most eligible bachelor on the island. Now their worlds intersect in his sister’s beach house. Seeing him almost every day changes Skye’s opinion of him, but she tells herself that she is only being kind to the widower, as the Bible asks Christians to be kind to others.

A single-again billionaire…

Having drifted away from God, almost-forty-year-old Diehl doesn’t know how to come home. After being tragically widowed, he works himself aground, leaving his two school-aged children with their nanny and grandparents. Diehl burns out at work, and is forced to take a sabbatical before he destroys the multi-billion-dollar family business. On St. Simon’s Island and the neighboring Seaside Island, his casual friendship with his sister’s personal chef quickly turns into something romantic, but his past shows up to collect yet another pound of flesh.

A splintered family…

Diehl might be newly single again, but his first marriage has long tentacles. When secrets from his marriage-of-convenience threaten his present-day happiness, Diehl is convinced he is not good enough for Skye. Why would God bless him with love a second time around when he failed the first time?

In the middle of his emotional angst, Diehl’s children throw his life into a tailspin. Even as Skye’s presence soothes his soul, Diehl has a hard time believing in happy endings. How can God give him sweet promises of a better tomorrow when his life is so bitter right now?

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