Find You Again

Find You Again
Series: Savannah Sweethearts, Book 8
Genres: Christian Beach Romance, Christian Coastal City Romance
Tags: Asian American, beach romance, biracial, coastal city
Publisher: Georgia Press LLC
Publication Year: 2019
ISBN: 9781944188467

His flame for love died long ago…
She comes along and ignites a spark…
Will the fire last?

Firefighter Cheyenne Endecott is grateful to bachelor Dr. Roger Patel for helping her widowed aunt settle into an assisted living resort. When Roger needs help dealing with a skeleton in his family closet, Cheyenne is happy to assist. One thing leads to another, and Roger starts having second thoughts about his bachelorhood.

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A multiracial romance between a bachelor and a firefighter, Find You Againis Book 8 in USA Today bestselling author Jan Thompson’s Savannah Sweethearts series of clean and wholesome contemporary Christian romances celebrating faith, hope, and love in Jesus Christ.

Roger’s Resolutions…

Having been burned too many times by former girlfriends, bachelor Roger Patel does not want a new relationship.

But there she is.

Set up by a mutual friend for a second not-so-blind date, Roger goes to dinner with Cheyenne Endecott, not expecting anything more than to share a meal and celebrate their platonic friendship.

He is surprised by how much he enjoys spending time with Cheyenne.

Seriously, there’s nothing going on between him and Cheyenne.

Or is there?

Cheyenne’s Choices…

Grateful to God that Roger Patel has helped her widowed aunt find a trustworthy assisted living facility to spend the rest of her life on earth, firefighter Cheyenne Endecott does not want to jeopardize her friendship with Roger.

Still, what can come out of a simple dinner with a friend?

Besides, one casual dinner does not a romance make.

After all, Cheyenne has determined in her heart that she wants a godly Christian man for a husband, someone with proven integrity and a blameless testimony.

Well, someone like Roger—and yet not him.

No, it can’t be him.

But there he is.


When Roger needs a trustworthy confidant to help him deal with a skeleton in his family closet, Cheyenne is more than happy to pray for him and do what she can. She feels that she is returning a favor.

One thing leads to another, and the favor starts to affect their friendship. Pretty soon, bachelor Roger is reconsidering his self-imposed moratorium on dating and relationships…

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