Call You Home

Call You Home

Reluctantly, Chef Isaac finds himself working in the kitchen of his nemesis, Chef Piper Peyton. Why would he want to cook his way into her heart and even learn sign language to better communicate with her?

To save a landmark family restaurant in Savannah, two chefs must put aside their twenty-year-old feud and cook together. Can they at least try to be kind toward each other without digging up old hurts? At the end of the day, is Isaac simply too hot for Piper's kitchen in this enemies-to-friends-to-more romance?

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A Deaf chef romance in a coastal city, Call You Home is Book 11 in USA Today bestselling author Jan Thompson’s Savannah Sweethearts series of sweet, clean, wholesome, and inspirational contemporary Christian romances celebrating faith, hope, and love in Jesus Christ.


Piper’s Pickles…

Chef-owner Piper Peyton can handle one disaster at a time in her restaurant, but not two unexpected catastrophes in the same day that threaten to shut down Piper’s Place for good and possibly end her career as a restaurateur.

Right before a long and busy Thanksgiving weekend, Piper is confronted with a series of impossible problems. Sometimes bad things happen. But hopefully not all at once, right?

Yet, no matter what, she has to keep Piper’s Place open for business. Her customers expect it. This is their favorite twenty-four-seven restaurant where Riverside Chapel members frequent after church on Sundays and throughout the week. This is where people, young and old, gather to talk about life, solve their problems, meet new friends, and critique her new test dishes.

Oh, this place absolutely needs to stay open.

What to do, Lord? What to do?


Isaac’s Ingredients…

How long can a person bear a grudge? For cruise ship chef de cuisine Isaac Untermeyer, he can hold it for twenty years and then some.

How can he forget that high school sophomore with the topknot bun on her head and a big smile on her face, who robbed him of the high school cooking competition trophy, and ran off with the prize of full tuition paid to any college of her choice? Not that Isaac needed the money. It was a matter of pride.

Even if he tries to get over how he lost the championship to a supposedly better cook, his family won’t let him forget it. As soon as he arrives in Savannah for his holiday break in between jobs, his mother takes him to none other than Piper’s Place.

However, something is wrong in their kitchen that night when meals don’t arrive and the customers start to leave without eating.

Isaac senses it. And Piper doesn’t have to say a word.

He wants to help his nemesis, but his pride says don’t bother.

Yet, somehow Isaac finds himself responding to the call for help and going to her rescue…

And deep inside his heart, he knows why.


Call You Home is Book 11 in USA Today bestselling author Jan Thompson’s Savannah Sweethearts series of clean and wholesome contemporary Christian beach romances celebrating faith, hope, and love in Jesus Christ. The series is set in the historic southern coastal city of Savannah, Georgia, and on the nearby idyllic beach town of Tybee Island by the Atlantic Ocean. If you enjoy Call You Home, you might also enjoy the other books in the series.

Series: Savannah Sweethearts, Book 11
Genres: Christian Beach Romance, Christian Coastal City Romance, Christian Romance
Tags: Chef Romance, Coastal City, Enemies to Friends to More, Savannah, siblings
Publisher: Georgia Press LLC
Publication Year: 2019
ISBN: 9781944188481
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