Never a Fugitive

Never a Fugitive

A grieving accountant. A former mistress. A stash of crypto secrets.

A grieving accountant seeking justice for his murdered brother finds himself on the run with a senator’s former mistress who knows too many secrets.



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Starting his own investigation…

After his brother is killed in a senseless car bomb, Armin Dhillon quits his job to conduct his own investigation into the murder. His efforts lead him to a former senator’s ex-mistress who is now a devout Christian trying to leave her past behind. Only her sordid past won’t let her go, and neither will Armin, who thinks she has the answer that will bring closure for his family.

Stuck together for better or for worse…

Kelsey Murphy wants to start over with a new life in Christ, but her old career keeps telling her that she’s unworthy and must pay some sort of penance. The FBI finds her and asks for her help to take down some money-laundering criminals related to the former senator. Thrown together for a common cause, Armin and Kelsey find that they have no choice but to look out for each other.

Solutions are nowhere to be found…

All around them, mirages appear. Things are not what they seem to be. Friends may not be friends. Enemies may not be enemies. But they all have the same goal: to get to the stash of seventeen billion dollars worth of cryptocurrencies. Will they be able to wade through the fog of misinformation to get to the truth? The winners take all, or do they? 

Never a Fugitive is Book 3 in USA Today bestselling author Jan Thompson’s Defender Sweethearts Christian romantic suspense novel collection 

Publisher’s Note: Never a Fugitive debuts in the Summer Suspicions anthology that was published on June 4, 2024.

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